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Help save our childcare

Picture of Liam and Abbi outside the nurseryGamesley parent Liam Holly has started the below petition urging Derbyshire County Council to rethink their proposals to increase the costs to the Gamesley Early Excellence Centre Community Interest Company, which currently runs services in Gamesley Nursery for under 2’s and the out of school club which run all year round rather than just term time.

Please help us save our childcare!

My little girl Abbi goes to daycare at Gamesley Children's Centre. The childcare is run by a not-for-profit community company and Derbyshire County Council are forcing them to close on 31 March. We've only just been told.

120 children need this childcare, and hundreds of parents need it so they can go to work. Without it loads of us will have to stop working or do less shifts and put us in dire straits.

We pay DCC to use the building without warning they have quadrupled the rent for us to use a building built for childcare! Without our children going there Derbyshire County Council will have an empty building which they will waste YOUR taxes on maintaining.

Please help us keep working while our children are safe and nurtured, and stop DCC wasting YOUR money on an empty building. Please sign my petition and help them see sense!

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